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Howdy to all who’ve landed on my blog and let me say thanks for taking a peek.

My Name is Scott Erickson and I’m a brother to three, son to a supportive mother and father, and cousin to seven, each and every one of the them mean the world to me.  I used to be into politics until I realized you’d have more success eating wasps than convincing other parties that you’re not a simian politician.

I believe:

  • that what money can’t buy, death can’t take away
  • dogs are better than cats
  • all women have beauty and all men have strength, what’s different are the forms they take
  • Hot pockets are the adversary of Tums
  • we’re chronically distracted with technology
  • reading never killed anyone, but the lack of reading can kill a society
  • The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but so is the body
  • Eating doughnuts non-stop is only enjoyable until about 8,

I’m also a current member of the track team at the University of Wisconsin Madison, and how I landed there is quite the story. (Read: Arriving at your destination)

But that’s the thing, we all have a story and it’s a story we should tell.  As many my story heavily involves my family and previous life experiences.  My brother Clint, (below standing behind my sister) was killed on January 29th 2006 by a drunk driver and it’s safe to say nobody in my family has been the same since.  So what did we do to cope?  We set our hearts on the Anchor of Jesus.  And because of Him and our faith in God, our lives have been able to bear any fruit, even in the most trying of times.

So what is Bear Fruit?

Galatians 5:19-23 refers to our own undoing but yet how in relationship with Christ we can bear the fruits of the spirit: Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control… against such things there is no law.

track image

competing as a freshman in college in the Horizon League (2011).

The aim of My blog Bear Fruit is to share the spectrum of my life experiences as a Christian-student-athlete so that others may see and learn with me just how applicable the Bible is to our lives.  Life has thrown me and my family many conniptions, but also many blessings.  However the Bible has helped me to see that there’s more to this wold beyond any hardship and there’s more fulfillment in Christ than any idol we here on Earth can make or possess.  And no I’m not a “Bible thumper” who claims to know everything, just a twenty something trying to find his place in this world besides the weight-room and doughnut shop 😉

So take a gander and share, comment, critique,like, etc… feel free to send a link to your blog (if you have one).

Play for the audience of 1


2013 mission to the Dominican Republic

2013 mission to the Dominican Republic

Rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding (2012)

Rehearsal dinner for my brother’s wedding (2012)

Last summer with all the siblings (2005)

Last summer with all the siblings (2005)


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