5 reasons why you should blog


1.  Develop your Resume

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your fifties or your fifteen, it’s never too late or early to start adding to your prestige.  Fret not if you’re not the most verbose writer or the smoothest speaker; there are multitudes of blogging platforms.  I myself went the route of writing because like Moses, I’m a stuttering mess, but God has blessed me with a passion for writing.  A blog doesn’t have to be explicitly for business, rather I encourage people to blog on topics they’re passionate about.  If that happens to be your work/business, then go for it!  No matter what platform, the topic, or the purpose your blog serves, it will do this: let people (including employers) see that you have work ethic and drive to work on a project even if the end is an ambiguous concept.

2.  Give your perspective

One most frequent push backs I hear when I tell people they have a good blog topic, is that somebody else has already covered their topic.  The funny thing is it’s true, and here’s why,

“Today, more content is created in 48 hours than all of the content created between the beginning of time and 2003” – Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO

So it’s with almost complete certainty somebody has already covered your topic, but the distinction between you and others is your voice.  Think of blogging like a popular cliche saying, many people will reiterate the saying, but it will be fabricated by their unique voice.  That’s the beauty of it.  The way you say something may be more aesthetically pleasing to someone versus another source.


3.  Continue self edification

As humans we seek to explore and learn.  I challenge you to find what you’re capable of.  Enlighten yourself, prove your self doubts and others wrong.  Before I started this blog I had no prior knowledge of Adobe Indesign and it had been almost 5 years since I had touched Photoshop (see Bear Fruit Magazine) let alone I’ve never tried to write for impact.  From an intellectual standpoint, learning to blog further sharpens your mind.  How so?  You’ll begin to notice what writing style cliques with your audience.  Also, your imagination will spark more frequently and ferociously.  Ie. you come across a life circumstance which causes you to think, “gee, this would make a great blog topic,” and within minutes, even seconds you brainstorm an abundance of topics and subtopics to accompany your original thought.

On the spiritual side of edification, blogging is a unique tool like journaling where you can literally revisit old posts and bear witness to your growth.  Personally I find it interesting to look back on a journal or blog and see just how irreducibly complex I saw my faith and God.  I couldn’t have been more wrong; a faith walk is a continuum, never ending and always changing.

4.  Build a genuine online presence

Don Stanley, a professor of mine, grasped my attention to an alarming statistic of how isolated we make ourselves.  The regurgitated statement he gave us multiple times a semester states:

“Today, smartphone users will check their phone an average of 150 times a day.”

In a 16 hour day, that’s once every 6.4 minutes!  Where am I going with this?  Blogging is a unique to social tools like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram in the sense you’re not limited by the number of characters you use or to what type of content you share.  The only limiting factor in blogging is your own imagination.  Blogging allows others to see you in a genuine light; it allows people to see the treasure buried under your 140 character tweet; it allows for the Instagramer to see the photographer beyond a low resolution photo of their exquisite dinner; blogging will also increase your social reach beyond the 5 people who religiously like your Facebook status.

5.  Share the  Good News

In the famous words of Johnny Cash, “I’ve been everywhere.”  In the past 5 months I’ve been to more countries than most people will see in their lifetime.  I’ve been to Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, India, Maldives, Iceland, Belgium, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia and a plethora of others.  The funny thing is I’ve never set foot in a single one of these.  In just 5 months of sporadically writing a blog, I’ve been able to reach people in 20 countries.  You want tell thousands of people about how to skateboard, then blog.  If you want to show someone in Japan your bodacious dance moves, then blog.  If you want to tell the world their sins have been paid for by a perfect man by the name of Jesus Christ, THEN BLOG!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” 

-Matthew 28:19


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  1. Great reasons to blog. I just started doing this for a bet but have learned that its so rewarding to see others opinions and perspectives on topics I’m interested in. Good stuff man

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