What is your B-HAG?

Most people read the term B-HAG and have little or no idea what the acronym means, even though much of what we do in life revolves around our self made B-HAGS.  By no means is having a B-HAG a bad thing; in fact I think it’s vital for each person, family, community, and country to have one.  Here’s what the acronym stands for:

BIG                             – large, beyond any means of achieving alone

HAIRY                       – It’s going to be tough to achieve

AUDACIOUS          -By nature the goal is intrepid, requiring courage and perseverance

GOAL                          -Point of achievement where prosperity/distinction is made

It’s that simple, a big, hairy goal we strive to achieve.  The first time I heard the term coined was from one of my middle school mentors.  He utilized the term to describe the difficulty of tasks we try to surmount as mothers, brothers, students, athletes… as humans.  There are many B-HAGs we have as a society.

The B-HAG of the single mother with three kids is to see them excel in school and go to college.  She’ll do whatever it takes to see her kids have the opportunity, even work sixty hours a week.

An overweight boy who was cut from the high school football team, his B-HAG is to get in good enough shape to make the starting roster next season.

A recent college graduate has a B-HAG, to show their boss that just because they lack experience, they don’t lack innovation.

However, there’s more to the definition of a B-HAG other than it being an awe-inspiring goal.  By definition we can’t achieve a B-HAG by ourselves.  The single Mom will rely on teachers and coaches for help as will the overweight student striving to make the football team.  The newly hired college grad will find fortitude from their parents and friends.

There’s one final aspect to a B-HAG’s definition.  By nature a B-HAG prospers not just the originator of the goal, but those in proximity to the goal holder.   The three children of the single mom will be the beneficiaries of her B-HAG.  The B-HAG of the over weight high school boy will serve as motivation for his aspiring teammates, and other students limited by obesity.  As for the company who hired the college graduate, they’ll benefit from the fresh drive and perspective.

As creation we have our own B-HAGS as an emulation of the creator.  That’s right, even God has His own B-HAG.  What is it?  Minister at large, Stuart Briscoe, provided a profound point of reference for discovering God’s B-HAG.  Look at the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).  At the point where it states, “Thy kingdom come…,” that is the almighty’s B-HAG.

Jesus taught the twelve disciples the Lord’s Prayer, showing them the heart of fervent prayer, also showing them the B-HAG of God simultaneously.  “Thy kingdom come,” is God’s desire to be with us, to not just spiritually but physically be in community with us.  Following the definition of a B-HAG, God needs our help to do this.  Sure God could declare a holy war and rightfully take back what is His by force, but rather He chooses to give us free will, and join Him in the righteous battle.  He needs us to prepare the way for His return as John the Baptist did for Jesus’ first coming.

Hence the definition of God’s B-HAG continues.  Remember how I stated a   B-HAG will not only be beneficial to the goal holder but to also those in proximity?  As a willing and joyful servant of God the beneficiaries of His B-HAG is not just us, but those we reach out to.  We must reach out to those who are destitute, those who are brokenhearted, those who haven’t heard of Jesus, and to those who have denied Him.  This is the aggregation we must reach as a conjugate church.  All will benefit from God’s plan, for He is for us, and with God for us, who could be against us?!

I too have a B-HAG.  Seeing examples provided for me in the Bible and through the testimonies of others, I’d like to reach the end of my life on this side of Heaven knowing that I gave it my all in God’s name.  Everyone has days where they rest their head down at night and realize they could’ve given more effort in the tasks God had provided for them that day.  I want to live a life for Christ, no matter what comes my way.  As one of my favorite artists stated,

            “Don’t let your faith be like ‘flavor of the week’; set your heart on it like an anchor… for the long haul.” 

-Josh Garrels

My B-HAG could be simplified to the serenity prayer.



Denominations recite this prayer often, others never.  Denominations aside the underlying meaning is powerful.  Live a life for Christ no matter what.


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