A love letter to women

A love letter to  women

I was walking through the mall the other day when something caught my eye, something out of the ordinary, a mannequin. Nothing special right? There was something unusual and grotesque about this specific mannequin and the ones adjacent to it. I’ll let you decipher for yourself what you don’t like about it, but the images provided are what I speak of. The abnormalities of the figure made me realize two things.
1: I haven’t done some serious shopping in a mall in almost 13 months and my pants don’t fit
2: It was the first time I’ve seen the personification of “Barbie’s” measurements used on a mannequin. This provided the further epiphany of the struggle which women face today; it also served as the final motivation I needed to write this.
So women, come one, come all. Whether you’re large or small, sweet hearted or filled with gall. The nefarious world in which you face, with a letter of truth and love it shall be replaced. Tell your friends and your sisters too, for this love letter is not just from me, but from God to you! I write from His word in light of truth, let this letter combat your weight bearing ruth. This is not an appease but a stand against the disease by which you were seized and laid burden to. Our world’s misconception of women’s disconnection has you all in a conniption, fighting to be loved. So look no further, than to the word of that great sheep herder who will forever clench you in the everlasting arms.

Let’s face it, there are a plethora of lies out there in which society has deceived men and women into believing. I know this one rhetoric piece written by one man using the Bible as the reference cannot undo all the evil the world has enveloped women with, that’s Jesus’ job. However I feel not only the duty but the desire to provide some positive skepticism to the world’s women… or however many women read this.
There’s a heavy dark veil which has covered the beauty of who women are and the gift to man which they were presented as. This veil has tarnished the views men hold of women and both sexes alike have become distraught in trying to fit the “perfect,” sex roles of society. Time to put that veil aside and derail these misconceptions, agreed?!

Lie #1: Not all women are truly beautiful.
What society Says:
I start with this one first because the power of self-image can be beneficial but also truly malicious. This also seems to the be one of the root lies which women have been forbade of trying to detest themselves. The images provided within this post give just an idea of how skewed our society’s standard for women has become. You can notice the mannequin is completely disproportionate, and resembles more of a “Barbie” figure than that of a real human. Not just in America, but worldwide there’s an epidemic; an epidemic of women starving themselves, over exerting themselves at the gym, and struggling with the second lie of society, that they’re not valued.
As being part of the throws team at UW Madison, I’ve meet my fair share of strong hearted women with an appetite greater than mine. But let me also be the first to say that they all are beautiful and they all have unique characteristics that make them desirable; I mean than in the lest lustful sense possible. While getting to know these women on a personal level they’ve opened up to insecurities on relationships, their looks, and how the world perceives them. As I stated proverbially, they’re all beautiful, some of them just don’t know it yet 😉
What the Bible says:
It’s almost rhetorical. Read the songs of Solomon. As a powerful, wise king, Solomon’s wisdom was sought throughout the land by many (1 kings ch. 3 & 1 kings 4:34). And what does one of the wisest men of all time do prior to going to bed? He adores his wife…… very vividly and intensely. The provocativeness of his writings describing his wife is astounding. Look at Songs of Solomon, this short book of the Bible isn’t subtle in its descriptive meanings. In the short 8 chapters of writing you’ll find Solomon quite literally can’t stop eye boggling his wife, and he’s very verbal about his intentions with her.
Let me simplify this further so that there be no nuances. Ladies, there’s an entire book in the Bible about how God created the female form to be enticing in all of its natural beauty. Undoubtedly women of the Biblical era didn’t run 8 miles on a treadmill and then replenish their body with a salad, the thought of that is preposterous.

Stay tuned for the next post on the second lie society tells women: Women hold less value than a man.


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